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Make your business more efficient and competitive by leveraging the power of cryptocurrency. With crypto payment integrations, you can get ahead of the competition and make sure your business is up to date. Start accepting crypto payments today and unlock a new world of opportunities!

Frequently asked questions

How does Buy Crypto work?
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RelayPay is integrated into the local and international exchange platforms. At the time of your purchase, RelayPay does the hard work for you and checks all order-books on these exchanges, finds the best available rate and display it. The rate is locked when you see the final payment page. Once you use one of our realtime payment options to pay, we immediately recognise your payment and deliver the crypto amount directly to your wallet address you entered at our purchase flow.

How long does it take to receive my digital currency after my payment?
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RelayPay uses only real-time payment methods, this gives us an ability to get the best rate for you and transfer your digital currency in seconds after payment confirmation. Blockchain transfers can take some time, however we provide you the transaction hash after the payment so you can see your crypto coming to your wallet. Some banks might delay the payments to us and in that case we offer you the option to select a refund or to allow us to find the best rate at the time of the funds coming in.

Is there any payment or blockchain fee?
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Every payment method has different costs and every blockchain has different, dynamic transaction fees. We believe our customers shouldn't be bothered with these at all. We will display the amount of crypto you will receive based on the $ amount you enter and this amount of crypto is inclusive of all fees and will be the amount you receive if the exact $ amount is received by us.

Which wallets I can use to get my crypto?
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Simply, any wallet. RelayPay is a non-custodial service, so we deliver the digital currency you purchase to your own wallet that you control. It can be a mobile wallet, hardware wallet or, if you like, even an exchange wallet. First time purchase? We can recommend a few, such as Trust Wallet or Exodus.

What happens if my payment is late?
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On payment page, you have 5mins to transfer $ funds. If you're late, you can restart the counter and get a new rate. If you transferred the funds but we couldn't confirm, this might be because of your bank. For 1st time payments some banks might process the payment after a delay. If we receive the funds after 5' window, we'll automatically check if we can still secure same rate for you, if not, we'll revert your money back to your account.

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