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Invite your friends and earn 0.10% of their entire transaction volume. Referral rewards are uncapped, do you know any whales?

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How do RelayPay referrals work?

Earn a massive 0.10% on all referral transactions. If your referral network generates a trade value of $1 million AUD, you'll be rewarded with an astounding $1,000.

Share RelayPay with friends, and earn rewards along the way.

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RelayPay Advantages

Frictionless Crypto Payments

RelayPay is a fast and safe way to purchase, sell, and spend cryptocurrency at the most competitive global exchange rates. We compare crypto exchanges from all over the world, saving you time and money.

No Deposit Fees

Deposit from any bank account with no fees.

One Account, Global rates

Transfer crypto from any exchange, to any wallet.

1-Click Transaction

RelayPay compares multiple exchanges to find the best rate.

Easy & Fast

Receive your payment within an hour to any bank account.

Refer & Earn!

Invite your friends and you'll earn 0.10% of their total transaction volume. All they have to do is follow your link, create an account, and complete a transaction. T&C*

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Frequently asked questions

How much can I earn with RelayPay rewards?
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RelayPay rewards are uncapped, meaning there is no limit to your potential earnings.

What conditions must referrals complete for me to earn RelayPay rewards?
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All referrals must create a RelayPay account using your personal referral link. Once signed in, all referrals must complete an initial buy or sell transaction using their new RelayPay account. Referrals also must not have an existing RelayPay account.

Is there a limit to the number of people I can refer?
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There is no limit to the number of people you can refer.

Does my personal RelayPay link expire?
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Your personal referral link does not expire and each additional sign up will add to your RelayPay referral earnings.

How do I track my RelayPay rewards?
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You can monitor incoming referral earnings by visiting your RelayPay Profile Details page.