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Danny Allen

How to Make Large Crypto To Dollar Transactions in Australia - RelayPay

December 6, 2023
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By popular demand, RelayPay has enabled transactions over AUD $1,000 (and much higher) for:

BPAY payments using any crypto wallet or any exchange;

Crypto ➜ bank transfers, including to third-party Australian bank accounts.

• Businesses that accept crypto payment (while getting paid in dollars) with RelayPay.

This upgraded capability arrives thanks to RelayPay’s enhanced Australian licensing, including becoming an Authorised Representative of Financial Services License (AFS Representative No. 001305063) for Non-Cash Payments. More: Introducing RelayPay 2.0.

Making big bills less of a big hassle

We all have household budgets to balance, and being able to pay or transfer more than $1,000 is a must for clearing credit card bills or paying the rent. Even education tuition fees and funding share trading accounts. Important everyday tasks that can hit several thousand dollars.

Larger transactions that previously had to be made over multiple days and steps are now one easy transaction. With your conversion price locked in.

Tip: At a certain amount you might still consider dividing up your transaction to maximise order book benefits and reduce slippage.

RelayPay supports single transactions up to $250,000. Over this, contact us to discuss Over-the-Counter (OTC) trading service so we can ensure you get our best rate.

Pay yourself, pay staff

In addition to bill payments, RelayPay is also fully-licensed to process crypto to AUD bank transfers.

You can use any wallet, and any exchange and receive AUD into your bank account in seconds. Make direct crypto bank transfers and get the most competitive global rate for your crypto.

Perfect for everyday off-ramping or sending funds to yourself internationally to avoid exorbitant remittance fees. And for businesses managing staff payroll with a treasury or cash flow that includes crypto.

RelayPay Crypto to Bank Transfers: Average $AUD Per Transaction

Here's a quick look at how other customers like you are actively using RelayPay for frictionless transfers. Property settlements, investment account funding and corporate invoices rank high.

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